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Australian Sports Betting Growing Fast

Operators who seek to buy casino software for sale might be interested in knowing that sports betting has recently been declared the most popular form of gambling in Australia, the Herald Sun newspaper reporting that local sports bettors will wager no less than AUD 200 million by the end of this year, especially through foreign bookmakers with Australian branches. The newspaper reported that the popularity of this kind of gambling games has increased due to the development of mobile and online gambling solutions and through aggressive advertising.

Figures released for 2009-2010 revealed that Australians gambled AUD 160 billion, AUD 300 million being wagered solely on sports games. For comparison, Aussie casinos generated AUD 3.5 billion, while the lottery earned AUD 1.3 billion. Sports betting has increased to AUD 400 million per year since then and, as researchers claim, bookmaking companies’ revenues will grow faster than any other gambling firms active in the Australian market. Several foreign companies have already identified this opportunity and already purchased local bookmakers which employ Australian residents and have to pay taxes for the Australian state coffers.

Marketing campaigns seem to have been extremely lucrative for bookmakers who spent no less than AUD 50 million on advertising through television and radio. Gambling researcher Dr. Sally Gainsbury expressed the idea that Australians are starting to prefer sports betting instead of pokies, 13 percent of Aussies being expected to wager on a sports match this year. The information in this article was gathered by CasinoWebScripts, the premier gaming suppliers who offer top quality casino software for sale.

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