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Hungarian Casinos Might House Slot Machines Again

Hungarian residents do not have many options when it comes to gambling at slot machines, due to the fact that the government increased taxes for these apparatuses in 2011 and decided to ban all machines which were found outside of casinos in 2012. However, the situation could take another turn for slots enthusiasts this year, as regulators might think of a new solution which will finally allow gamblers to enjoy their favorite games.

Industry insiders are saying that Hungarian lawmakers might consider a “Norwegian solution” regarding the laws that would regulate the slot machines industry. This means that Hungary will probably follow Norway’s example, which, after banning the “one-armed bandits” several years ago for a certain period of time, later decided to grant all slot machines business running rights to an operator who owned gambling monopoly in the country. The new Norwegian gambling law also involved that the allowed technology resumed to interactive video terminals, while players were only allowed to gamble by using special cards which were linked to their bank accounts, with strict limits regarding the amount of money they were allowed to wager per day.

Hungary could benefit enormously from adopting a solution similar to Norway’s, taking into consideration that many Hungarian gaming enthusiasts are currently turning to illegal gambling or are travelling abroad to play slots. For custom games casino development, operators can visit www.casinowebscripts.com, a top online gaming provider located in Romania, right next to Hungary.

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