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Las Vegas Casinos Request Extension for Online License Applications

Nevada, being one of the three American states which already created a regulatory framework for licensing online gaming sites, hosts two online poker sites at this point in time, namely Ultimate Poker and WSOP.com. Besides these two, three more casinos – Golden Nugget Casino, MGM Casino and Boyd Casino – expressed interest in starting online casinos which will offer live poker, but none of them considered that they succeeded in being able to go live any time soon. As such, in order to gain more time to test, develop and prepare their online poker systems, the three companies requested for their online poker license applications to be extended.

The Nevada Gaming Board will reportedly hold discussions with the three gaming firms later this month in order to talk about the extensions for their online applications so that when the poker sites go live, the three operators will ensure that no issues like glitches or bugs will affect their systems. If the Nevada Gaming Board will accept these terms, the three casinos will be granted six months to fix any problems that would make their sites less credible. Furthermore, Delaware and New Jersey are expected to start their online gambling sites in the near future, so Nevada will have the opportunity to join forces with them and create interstate compacts, which would lead to a reliable online poker network for players which are residents of these three states.

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