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Nevada Wants to Begin Taxing Online Poker Tournaments

If Nevada is going to stay consistent with the rest of the world they are going to have to change their current legal policies and begin taxing online poker tournaments as well as the rest of the online poker games that take place.

They decided to avoid taxing tournaments while also giving the providers a very generous tax rate of just 6.75 percent. When you consider the fact that New Jersey is going to be taxing their online casino industry at a rate of around 15 percent you can see how generous Nevada is being with their rates.

When you stop to think about the rates that are being charged in some foreign countries, you realize that Nevada is being extremely generous to their casino developers.

It is possible that they are hoping to attract some of the best casino talent to their state by offering some of the best tax rates out there. The fact that they want to be extremely competitive may keep them from enacting the bill that will make online tournaments pay them taxes, but they could probably get away with it while still being a very desirable place to run an online casino from since they aren’t charging much in business taxes.

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