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New Jersey Gamblers Optimistic about Online Gambling

Several days have passed since the New Jersey online casino testing period began. Up to now, there have been several complaints, but most of the players explained that they are quite pleased with the online gambling solutions offered by casinos. Previous reports revealed that various New Jersey eligible residents were not able to access online gaming sites because of geo-location technology used by casinos, which prevented them to play because they were too close to the state’s borders. Other gamblers encountered other issues, like having their credit cards rejected or their Social Security numbers questioned.

Even so, gaming enthusiasts said they are confident that the glitches will be fixed by Tuesday, when state-wide online gambling will be available for all eligible players. Chris Choy, a New Jersey resident who played at the World Series of Poker site, explained that the experience was very exciting and he will definitely come back to play some more. Another gambler, Glen Gardner, who registered at the same site, said that he deposited money without any problems and he started playing right away. All New Jersey gaming enthusiasts must be anxious to see how going live on Tuesday at online casinos will be, and what kind of games and online casino software will be provided by land-based casinos who started internet gambling sites.

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