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Portugal and Germany May Join Forces with the Rest of Europe for Online Poker

Most people know that Italy and Spain are working on joining their player pools for their online poker industry. It is a move that has been seen in years past between other countries, as well as different states in the United States. It’s a smart move for both countries.

Most people aren’t aware that Portugal and Germany have also been keeping their eye on these developments and they are also considering joining in with the rest of the countries. They have been talking about joining the group with an online player pool and they are currently figuring out what laws would have to be changed in order for this to happen. There is no telling if the laws will actually get passed to make this legally possible, but it could be a great way for each of the countries to increase their capital from the online poker industry.

Both Germany and Portugal are being kept in the loop so that they can decide to join forces with the other two countries if everything is approved and they start working together with their online poker industry. Regulators for each of the countries have met up with one another to have this conversation together about this massive online gaming solution.

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