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Romanian Online Casino Providers Set Their Own Mark on the Market

Online casino content licenses from the major providers are quite expensive. The reasons are very simple: the more trusted and well known the software is that a casino operator chooses, the better player turnout and subsequent profits will be. Among the top online casino software providers, some new companies ventured on the market and they seem to do pretty well.

Recently an online casino in Cyprus was discovered using an online casino software platform developed by a Romanian company by the name of Casino Web Scripts (CWS), which supports over 80 games, including Texas Hold’em, BlackJack and many other games . The platform seems to do pretty well , fact proven by the large amount of players that adventure themselves in high stakes at this casino.

An independent investigation by a group of webmasters and player activists found that CWS software solutions are pretty cheap in terms of money , compared to the major providers , offering you the possibility to start your online casino with only 4000 EUR, without any extra monthly fees. This seems to be like news from heaven, but how many future online casino owners are ready to thrust them ?

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