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Party Poker Changing Its Rake

Online poker giant Party Poker has announced that it is changing the way it calculates its rake starting August 25th. The change will see the online poker room changing from to a new “weighted” from its current “dealt” model calculation method, which has generated some contro... Read On

Online gambling jurisdictions

The jurisdiction of an online gambling site or casino can be an important factor in determining how reputable the operators of the casino are, the transparency of the operation, and the recourse available to players should they have a dispute that cannot be settled with the casino. What does the jur... Read On

Cops Closing Dangerous Illegal Gambling Cafes in USA

Over two weeks ago police raids on four internet cafes in Jackson County, Florida resulted in the closure of all four cafes. The internet cafes were alleged in running illegal gambling operations, where elderly church parishioners frequently gambled online. This week the county’s Grand Jury voiced i... Read On

Greek Gambling Laws Keep Being Rejected by European Commission

The European Commission rejected the current version of Greek gambling laws, sending back the Greek framework for further redacting and investigations. The postponement of the approval of the Greek framework to regulate lotteries as well as traditional and internet gambling in Greece was due to mult... Read On

Costa Rica Gambling

Casinos in Costa Rica Casino gambling in Costa Rica has been around for decades. Today, there are more than 30 large casinos in the country, mostly concentrated around the city of San Jose. For many years, vague and poorly regulated gambling laws in the country let Costa Rican casinos operate as the... Read On

Caesar Entertainment Supports Legalized Online Poker in America

One of the best known and largest casino groups in the world, Caesars Entertainment, is planning to allocate more resources towards lobbying law-makers an an effort to expedite the changes in American gambling laws to legalize online poker. The current legal framework, which was responsible for clos... Read On

Romanian Online Casino Providers Set Their Own Mark on the Market

Online casino content licenses from the major providers are quite expensive. The reasons are very simple: the more trusted and well known the software is that a casino operator chooses, the better player turnout and subsequent profits will be. Among the top online casino software providers, some new... Read On