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Nevada is Considering Changing their Online Casino License Fee

There are currently two clashing opinions in the Nevada government. William Horne, the majority leader wants to up the amount that online casino owners have to pay for the license to develop a casino on the internet. The licenses are already quite expensive at around 500,000 to get one in the beginn... Read On

Nevada Wants to Begin Taxing Online Poker Tournaments

If Nevada is going to stay consistent with the rest of the world they are going to have to change their current legal policies and begin taxing online poker tournaments as well as the rest of the online poker games that take place. They decided to avoid taxing tournaments while also giving the provi... Read On

New Jersey Legislation Gets Nevada Moving

The news that New Jersey is most likely going to pass legislation that allows them to start an online casino industry has made Nevada realize that they need to double their efforts to be the leader on this effort. Not only is New Jersey in a good position to build up their online gaming very quickly... Read On

Why Teaming Up with Online Gambling Would Benefit all States Involved

At first glance it may seem a little strange that Nevada is thinking about changing its gambling bill already before it has even gone into effect, but when you take a look at the points from this article it seems pretty plausible. The main argument that Nevada should allow online gambling partnershi... Read On