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World Match

World Match

WM is a company specialized in designing casino games and casino software for the online gambling world. It was gambling platform provider regularly authorised by a country in the european community, with a class 4 license issued by LGA, the Maltese Gaming Authority.       Key Facts: ... Read On

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Latest Results for the Global Online Gaming Sector

The slot developers at CasinoWebScripts report that the global internet gambling market was up 7.2 percent to 25 billion euro in comparison with the figures of 2011, online gaming accounting for 8 percent of the total gross gaming revenues raked in during last year. Furthermore, analysts are estimat... Read On

Report Shows Consumers Prefer Online Gaming to Traditional Casinos

According to a new study conducted by the Journal of Consumer Research, gambling enthusiasts have demonstrated to be more attracted to wagering online than gambling at a traditional land based casino. The explanation lies in the fact that the online gambling industry is now recognized as referring t... Read On

The Other Benefits of Online Gambling Technology

For years West Virginia has only had their lottery as a form of gambling to rely on to produce revenue for the state. With the amount of revenue slowly declining on a yearly basis, they have to do something if they want to keep that stream of gambling money coming in. Most of the money that they are... Read On

Iowa is Possible Online Gambling Bill

Iowa is currently battling about a new gambling bill that would legalize Internet casinos. Unlike in states like Las Vegas, all of the online casinos in Iowa would be put together by local casinos who want to create an online gaming solution. By going ahead and putting themselves on the Internet the... Read On

Why Chris Christie Accepted the Bill

Supporters of the online gambling bill in New Jersey were nervous that Chris Christie was going to completely veto the online gambling bill that now has been made into a reality. He made it pretty clear that he didn’t think online gambling was a great idea, and he also stated his intent to veto the ... Read On

No Bad Actor Clause in Mass Yet

Even though Massachusetts hasn’t even considered online gambling yet, professionals are already picking over the details of a possible online gambling bill. There are two different bills that are being considered in the state, one for an Internet lottery, and the other to open online casino. The cas... Read On

Nevada’s Gambling Goes Interstate

The bill that was formally known as AB114 has now been passed, and Nevada can officially pool its online gambling resources with other states who are interested. Governor Brian Sandoval, as well as the rest of the Nevada government, was in agreement on the bill, and it was passed very quickly. The n... Read On

Online Gambling No More in Cyprus

For any Cyrpus locals who really enjoyed gambling in one of the many betting shops now is a good time to drop the habit completely, because it could cost you your freedom. Officials are now paying much closer attention of the different online casinos that are being accessed throughout the country. M... Read On

Why Switzerland Originally Banned Online Gaming

When Switzerland first banned casinos back in 1998 they were afraid that online gambling would interfere with the success of their local casino industry. Unfortunately when they decided to ban online casino providers they failed to really enforce the bans. What that means is that not only is the bri... Read On

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