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Delaware Launches Online Casinos

Starting November 8, Delaware has become the second American state to offer online gaming and betting to its residents. Casino software development companies who created the new gambling sites provide their visitors with online poker, slots, roulette, blackjack and other popular casino games. It was... Read On

Las Vegas Casinos Request Extension for Online License Applications

Nevada, being one of the three American states which already created a regulatory framework for licensing online gaming sites, hosts two online poker sites at this point in time, namely Ultimate Poker and WSOP.com. Besides these two, three more casinos – Golden Nugget Casino, MGM Casino and Boyd Cas... Read On

Why Atlantic City Needed the Online Poker Boost

Atlantic City has slowly been losing out on the money that they used to make. As a major source of income for New Jersey it is very important that Atlantic City keeps going strong. Without this income source the State would have to come up with a couple billion dollars for their budget every year, a... Read On

Portugal and Germany May Join Forces with the Rest of Europe for Online Poker

Most people know that Italy and Spain are working on joining their player pools for their online poker industry. It is a move that has been seen in years past between other countries, as well as different states in the United States. It’s a smart move for both countries. Most people aren’t aware tha... Read On

Why Cardrooms and Tribal Casinos Don’t Want the Bill Passed

The current bills that are being considered by the California legislature are both aimed at online poker, and allowing businesses access to the industry. Most tribal casinos don’t want the bill passed because the bill does not give them explicit rights over the online gambling industry. If the bill ... Read On

Delaware Needs to Cooperate with Other States and Countries to Make Online Gambling Successful

Delaware is one of the best examples of a state that really needs a partnership to be successful with their online gambling venture. The main reason that they aren’t going to be able to make it on their own in online gambling is their low population. Most people are going to be playing at the online... Read On

Nevada Wants to Begin Taxing Online Poker Tournaments

If Nevada is going to stay consistent with the rest of the world they are going to have to change their current legal policies and begin taxing online poker tournaments as well as the rest of the online poker games that take place. They decided to avoid taxing tournaments while also giving the provi... Read On