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There is a Large Gambling Complex Coming to Spain

Spain has some exciting news in its future and it could become the new home of major world conventions on top of becoming a gambling hub that may be able to compete with the likes of Macau. This large project is being developed by casino providers known as the Las Vegas Sands corporation.

They own a series of casinos around the world, but this is sure to be their largest project yet, and the largest casino/ resort in all of Europe and probably in most of the world.

This large scale project is being built up in Madrid, and it will be constructed in several different phases to make sure to reduce the overall complexity of the task as much as possible.

The first step is four massive resorts that will house over 3,000 hotel rooms each. These resorts are going to be a good starting spot for the project, and they will allow them to test out the facilities because they are going to be attached to casinos.

The later step is simply many more resorts, they are going to triple the initial number of resorts and put a massive hotel in the middle of all the resorts, which will be a towering sky scraper.

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