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UK Slot Machine Payouts Increase Up to £10,000

The premier slot developers at CasinoWebScripts report that UK ministers decided that slot machines inside casinos will be set to offer higher payouts, the maximum stake increasing from £2 to £5 while jackpots will go up from £4,000 to £10,000, and progressive jackpots will increase up to £20,000. The government has surprisingly taken this decision despite fears regarding excessive gambling. Furthermore, ministers said that they will also not change the maximum stake on electronic roulettes, meaning that gamblers can still gamble away up to £100 every 20 seconds.

Besides slot machines that can be found inside casinos, fruit machines inside gaming parlors, pubs or clubs will have a maximum stake of £1, while the highest payout will go up from £70 to £100. Minister Helen Grant explained that the government seeks to improve the gaming industry by creating the proper conditions for development and growth, in order to support gaming companies’ business ventures which provide jobs to around 39,000 individuals. Grant also commented that all the measures that have been taken will see gaming operators providing data regarding gambling habits of their customers in order to increase player protection. Religious organizations commented that the government’s decision will not be useful to residents and the industry will influence people with lower incomes in a negative manner.

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