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Vendors Who Want to Take Advantage of Legalized Online Gambling in Delaware Have to Act Quickly

There has been plenty of interest in being part of the online gambling frenzy that has taken place in Delaware. Even though casinos haven’t hit the internet in the state yet, there has already been 19 different gambling permits that were approved for companies interested in launching an online casino in the state.

Any company that is interested in running an online casino has to pass a set of rigorous standards that will not only ensure that Delaware citizens are protected, but also that the online gambling scene in Delaware is high quality.

The Delaware Lottery is asking for bids to be submitted by anyone interested in starting a casino with the right qualifications. The companies have to have experience running an online cash casino either in the United States in the past or in Europe, and they have to really know what they are doing.

On top of all that they have to be able to set up their system quickly because Delaware is giving them all the deadline of the end of September, which really is not that much time if you understand everything that goes into deciding to open online casino large enough to keep a large portion of the Delaware population busy.  Delaware is also looking for very experienced companies to help oversee the whole operation and there are four different positions that they need to fill for that as well.

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