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Why Atlantic City Needed the Online Poker Boost

Atlantic City has slowly been losing out on the money that they used to make. As a major source of income for New Jersey it is very important that Atlantic City keeps going strong. Without this income source the State would have to come up with a couple billion dollars for their budget every year, and that would be very difficult for them to do.

The new law that allows the existing casinos to open online casino was a great move by the state. Not only is it going to draw in more people who aren’t willing to drive to a casino in order to gamble, but it will have the actual gamblers, gambling more often. By increasing all of the gambling that is going on, the state is going to make much more money. You also have to take into account all of the players within the state who were illegally gambling over the Internet already. Now they can switch to the in-state system and get rid of the risk involved with the games that they play while paying money into the state instead of foreign countries. “Casinowebscripts” is behind the creation of this article, and they offer poker software without the royalty requirements that come with other software.

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