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Why Cardrooms and Tribal Casinos Don’t Want the Bill Passed

The current bills that are being considered by the California legislature are both aimed at online poker, and allowing businesses access to the industry. Most tribal casinos don’t want the bill passed because the bill does not give them explicit rights over the online gambling industry.

If the bill was passed, and commercial companies were allowed to come in and take advantage of the online gambling industry, it would most likely cut into the profits made by the tribal casino, and could ultimately hurt their industry all together. When a commercial company comes in to buy casino games and then offer an online service from them they cut into other companies who were already established in the area. In this case it is a large number of card rooms and tribal casinos who basically have a gambling monopoly in Casino at the moment.

The researchers at Casinowebscripts have information that suggests that most tribal casinos would rather have a bill of their own passed, or at least a bill that gives them rights over the industry, while other people don’t share those rights. Casinowebscripts is an online casino software supplier that sells software without royalties, standing out in a good way for any casino business entrepreneur.

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