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Why Some Lottery Winners Prefer to Keep Their Jobs

Jean Swatman, a 62-year-old lucky lady from Lowestoft in Suffolk who won no less than £2 million on the National lottery, said that she will not quit her job making doughnuts for a local restaurant any time soon. Despite the fact that her relatives told her that she should quit her job and even throw out her working shoes, the lady explained that she will be happy to keep doing what she did her entire life, which means that she will keep working with her colleagues whom she finds great. Jean said that she already spent some of the money to go visit her son and redecorate a part of the house.

Mrs. Swatman is not the only one who preferred to keep her job after winning the lottery, as studies show that 41 percent of winners continue going to work for a certain amount of time after their winning is revealed. One of the best examples is the one of Davis Ashcroft, who decided to keep working 16 years after he won £12.3 million. In addition, he preferred to continue living with his parents and declared that he was determined to not change his life if he wins a significant amount of money. Furthermore, a nurse who won the lottery earlier this year was announced that she was the winner of £1 million while being at work. After her colleagues gave her the big news, she was extremely excited but went on to finish her shift. Premier casino software development companies have also created online versions of the traditional lottery games which can be played by gamblers from all around the world.

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